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Patrick J. Whyte & Thomas D. Laudani

Thomas D. Laudani is known in the industry for his knowledge, focus, drive and vision, Tom's considerable strength lies in his ability to assess marketplace demands. For more than 25 years, Tom has been the force behind the vigorous development and construction of hundreds of homes throughout New England and Florida. Tom never moves far from his core belief that execution, growth, and great people constitute a business model for prosperity. A natural leader with an intense entrepreneurial spirit, Tom constantly challenges the status quo to improve process, performance, and product. With an early career in finance and accounting, Tom's wealth of experience today encompasses all aspects of construction and development.

He attributes his company's success to smart growth philosophies, careful financial planning, sensitivity to aesthetic and environmental issues, and innovative marketing. With an emphasis on creating lifestyles rather than simply building homes, Tom's commitment to quality, service, and value results in a rewarding experience for the homeowner.

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Tom has been the recipient of numerous industry accolades including the prestigious AIA "Best in American Living Award."

Patrick J. Whyte, a principle in Seaside Builders, arrived in Florida at the age of 18, a native of upstate New York. His extensive background in the construction industry spans 30 years in all aspects of general carpentry and as a commercial and residential shell contractor. Patrick founded Patrick Whyte Construction Inc. in 1993. He is a licensed general contractor in the state of Florida and received his training in the state of Florida. Patrick teamed with Tom Laudani, and they merged their combined talents into what has become a thriving general construction company – Seaside Builders. Patrick attributes his success to a detail-oriented, hands-on approach to all aspects of the construction process and close attention to quality and cost controls.

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Properties For Sale

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Patrick J. Whyte and Thomas D. Laudani are known in the industry for their knowledge, focus, drive, and hands-on approach to fine estate building.

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